Okra Growing Guide

May 25, 2024

Okra Growing Guide

Part 1: Introduction

Okra also known as Bhindi locally is a vegetable found in many Indian spices and foods. It is very healthy and is a vital source of vitamin c. India is the number one producer for it with 61,76,000 tonnes followed by Nigeria and Mali. It originally came from Africa.

Part 2: Okra/Bhindi Seed Sowing Rate and yield

Sowing rate – 5kg for 1 Acre

Average Yield of bhindi -140 – 200 kg per acre

Part 3: Suitable Climate for Bhindi

It is easiest to plant bhindi in March, April and May. In these months it is hot, which is required to grow bhindi. When the temperature should not dip below 12 degrees celsius The only enemy of Bhindi is cold weather.

Part 4: Soil prep

Bhindi best grows in soil with ph levels 6.5 – 7. If you don’t want to change your soil’s  ph level, then add compost to make your soil nutritious. Bhindi grows best in nutritious soil. Bhindi needs